If you have don’t have space for a bath and a shower, and very rarely use a bath, consider a big walk in shower instead. This can be a wet room type shower with or without a shower tray. Alternatively, you can install a shower bath, which is a bath designed for in bath showering, possibly with wall mounted bath taps and shower controls.

Bath or shower?

If being bath-less when it comes to selling your property is a concern, it is reassuring to know that most home buyers would prefer a well designed shower room without a bath to a poorly designed bathroom. Where space is not a problem, consider a free standing bath which can be positioned adjacent to a wall or in the middle of the room - with taps mounted on the bath, on the wall, or floor mounted taps, with or without a hand shower attachment.

A recent trend, started by the boutique hotels, has been to install a large walk in shower in the bathroom and a luxurious free standing bath in the bedroom, thereby having the best of both worlds.

Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, it should not be necessary to reinforce your floor to install a cast iron bath!