For a few months we don’t have to suffer the cold bathroom floor

Adrian Newton, 22nd April 2016

At this time of year with the days getting brighter, the sun shines and we can give the central heating a rest from being on full blast. For a few months we don’t have to suffer the cold bathroom floor, the fogged up mirror and condensation dripping down the walls. A welcome respite.

If you are planning your bathroom now, the benefits of underfloor heating, a demisting mirror and a towel warmer may not seem so obvious. Think again. The running costs of these simple and effective solutions are not as much as you may think. Modern technology can link timers to your central heating, the kids bath time and even be controlled remotely by an app from your phone.

Come next winter you will be patting yourself on the back and enjoying your cosy bathroom, toasty towels and a clear view of yourself in the mirror.

All good ideas stand the test of time and the Romans certainly knew their stuff about bathing. Have a look and see how things used to be.

Of course it is not so complicated now and if you have any questions or need any advice the team are here to help.